Oil on Board

Stock #: 1-0199 Price: $2,900 Description: Oil on board by C. Telfer “Opacarophile” (54″H x 36″W)

Bronze Sculpture

Stock #: 1-0196 Price: $3,900 Description: Bronze sculpture, female nude by Peter Breuer (1856-1930) German (26″H x 7″W x 7″D)

Kedlec Painting

Stock #: 1-0195 Price: $1,900 Description: Kedlec painting dated 1979 oil on canvas “Dante’s Inferno” (37″H x 32″W)

Oil on Canvas

Stock #: 1-0189 Price: $6,900 Description: Ranvier-Chartier 1913. Large painting, oil on canvas, of grapes and plums (34″H x 54″W)


Stock #: 1-0188 Price: $900 Description: Signed and dated lithograph by jack Chambers C. 1977 “Daffodils” (24″H x 24″W)

Stock #: 1-0186 Price: $1,900 Description: Acrylic on board “Ticker Tape” (48″H x 37″W)

Stock #: 1-0185 Price: $1,900 Description: Acrylic on board “Topography #2” (35″H x 27″W)